Post Conviction

Advocacy and litigation don’t stop with a conviction. Our post-conviction practice is a hybrid of our criminal defense and civil rights practices. In litigating appeals, as experienced trial lawyers we know what to look for in finding the sometimes-subtle mistakes judges make that can lead to a reversal of your conviction. If it was your trial lawyer’s error that led to your conviction, we can examine your counsel’s preparation, find what they missed, and advocate for you in a claim of ineffective assistance of counsel.

Civil rights protections don’t end at the prison gates. If an inmate has been placed in a more restrictive setting for unjust reasons, we can investigate and present these concerns to the prison’s administration and seek a change in placement. Additionally, where an inmate has been improperly convicted of violating the Code of Penal Discipline, we can challenge these findings in court. Furthermore, when prison officials violate an inmate’s constitutional rights, we have the empathy, the expertise, and the desire to fight for your rights.

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